The XComp Manifest

In a nutshell, the idea for XComp is to combine some of the best aspects of both, comp flying and XC flying, into something new that can motivate pilots to learn new things, make new friends and challenge each other.

We do this by grouping flights with the same takeoff on the same day into one comp. Based on the amount of pilots, distance flown and a few other criteria, we decide on the comp quality and calculate the maximum points the best pilot of the comp can win. The first three get some additional bonus points and at the end of the year, the best five comp results of each pilot together with the bonus points decide on the overall winner.

This has some nice advantages

The XComp Platform

The XComp platform will help you get a good comp together. This is being achieved with the following features:

A Social Idee

As much as XComp is a new comp format, it is a social idee, too. We want people to fly together, to learn together and to challenge eachother. The XComp platform will be built in a way that makes it easy to take part. For example, you don't have to upload your IGC files to yet another platform, we take the meta data and do our calculations on it automatically, there simply is no opt-in required. The data is already there, we just look at it in a different way.

Next, you don't have to create an account to take part in an XComp, all you need to do is share an XComp with your favorite social network and than all we do is tell people how much likes an XComp received, so they can decide which upcoming comp has a good chance to be worthwile to take part in. This of course has another nice side effect: Because you share the particular XComp with your friends, the chance that you can fly together with your friends is automatically bigger.

The XComp Formula

The best way to get an idea how the XComp formula works as by playing with it: XComp Formula

It's using CCC league 2013 data, held in Switzerland. It's currently in beta and as soon as we found the perfect parameters, we'll publish a more detailed explanation here.

Next Steps

XComp is meant to be a work in progress for the first few years, especially concerning the algorithm to calculate the quality of a comp. It's not the idea to replace either the XContest or comp flying. The idea is to create another fun and challenging option somewhere between comps and XC flying.

In 2014 XComp will start with the CCC league flights held in Switzerland. After that it will start adding the rest of the planet.

Here's a first preview of the design:

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